Florie Namir

Florie Namir is a jazz-pop singer-songwriter based in London, UK, who fuses 1940's vocal jazz singing with catchy Beatlesque melodies

“2021 might have just found its brightest spot…”

Atwood magazine
“A breath of fresh air and a highly musically accomplished work.”

Fresh On The Net
“She is definitely an artist who is born with a very solid musical identity.”

Roadie Music
“Her voice has such depth… stunning clarity and sincerity all soaked up in this captivating optimism.”

Dockery Music
“I’d like more Florie please, you made me smile..”

Fresh On The Net
“It feels like you’re being pulled out of a dream you don’t want to wake up from when the track finally comes to a close.”

Find No Enemy

“The songwriting is brilliant, and the arrangement flows so smoothly that you don’t notice when it stops.”


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Florie Namir is also a classical composer

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