Florie Namir

jazz-pop singer-songwriter


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"Love Knows" (original)
Live at Papaito Bar Tel Aviv, Israel

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Far, Far Away (original)
Played in Cambridge and Boston, MA, USA

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Nature Boy (eden ahbez cover)

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"Mornings" (original)
Live in Plumfest Plum Island, MA, USA

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Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)

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Original music



In My Room

Acoustic EP

Florie wakes us up with a smile so bright you just can’t ignore it, I suddenly feel the need to shuffle off to the kitchen in my fluffy slippers to make a loaf of bread, whilst gently swaying my skirt to and fro as eggs sizzle in the pan. You cannot fail to be enchanted by this track… I’d like more Florie please, you made me smile..”

Marina Florance, FRESH ON THE NET

“Elegance, style and grace and a jazz club ambiance earmark Florie’s performance style.”

Rudy Barajas, MASS MUSIC & ARTS SOCIETY, Massachusetts, USA

Tel Aviv born Florie Namir is a pianist, singer-songwriter residing in London, UK via Boston, MA, USA.

Deeply rooted in classical music traditions, by the end of high school Florie had already written orchestral suite, piano quartet and many works for piano, as well as couple of dozens of pop songs. She started her academic studies in Tel Aviv and traveled to the USA to continue her studies. As an expat in Houston, TX and Boston, MA, she met an abundance of cultures and new scenaries, which have fueled many of her songs. Snapshots of these personal encounters and their affect were imprinted in the songs’ lyrics.

Amidst PhD dissertation writing, Florie began venturing into Boston’s singer-songwriter scene playing songs she wrote at that time. She released an acoustic EP, called “In My Room” on Bandcamp. As interest in her music grew, she expanded her performances to New England and New York, where she participated in Mondo.NYC festival and industry summit. In 2018, She went on a tour that included the USA, Mexico, Israel and Japan.

Florie’s single “Mornings” won the UK Songwriting Contest.

During the first 2020 Covid lockdown, Florie run an online weekly concert series, “Florie’s Living Room Concerts” with guest artists from the USA. 

Florie is currently working on her debut full-band EP which was successfully crowdfunded in June 2021. The EP includes Florie’s own band arrangements and production and is scheduled to be released in August 2021.

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